ZEBRANO is the leader provider of turn-key projects for architectural projects. In this context, it meets the design, consultation, production and implementation requirements of the project fully in the shortest time period.

Adding value to the venues and providing quality and solutions beyond the expectations are the priorities.

Together with its employees, it aims to provide products and services at global standards. Reliability, continuity and reputability  for its customers, partners, retailers and suppliers are among the primary goals.

Employing the best personnel and qualified manpower, obtaining maximum benefit from people’s skills, power and creativity, increasing the efficiency, providing opportunity to developments and also providing a working environment enabling collaboration are the ways for Zebrano to sustain continuity.

In multiple occasions, it managed the planning, production and turn-key projects. Acquired experience provides a unique advantage to the brand in order to meet the needs and expectations of special customers.

It has a completely problem-free approach providing suitable design and supply solutions in line with the needs of customer with its fully equipped manufacturing premises for such as wood, metal, parquet, lightning, carpet, bed and curtains.

Together with the high technology manufacturing premises and experiences, it provides total turn-key solutions for hotels, commercial buildings, public institutions and housing complexes.

Zebrano, continuously growing with new investments today, has represented Turkey in the best way possible and achieved major successes through big-scale projects completed in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East regions.

ZEBRANO is in awareness that manufacturing processes and relevant efficiency would be possible with continuation in harmony with environment. In order the environment to be a liveable place for future generations, it develops and implements environment friendly processes.

In all the processes, it acts with the principle of efficient use of resources and respect to environment and also shows a transparent and proactive approach.